Now You Know - Two Truths and a Lie Episode 17

Three of our best lies from our first 12 episodes - now that you know they are lies, will that change how you view them? Featuring stories from Emily Goglia, Alex Stein, and Nathan Turner

Out of Place - Two Truths and a Lie Episode 16

Have you ever felt like you don't belong? Three stories of people finding themselves in a situation they didn't mean to get themselves into. Amy Silverberg tries her hand at hardcore investigative a 4th grader. Jen Curcio goes to jail over someone else's pot farm. And Jacob Anderson accidentally runs for mayor...against his dad. 

Sports Fails - Two Truths and a Lie Episode 15

Let's face it - you probably didn't go pro with that high school dream of yours. Maybe you didn't even make it on the Junior Varsity team. So listen to these three athletic failures and be glad you knew when to quit. Julia Eve Hays plays professional basketball dressed like an owl. Rachel Germaine is a pretty sleek swimmer, until things get hairy. And Michael Kass earns the admiration of the jocks the old fashioned way - through pornography. 

Learning to Love - Two Truths and a Lie Episode 14

With Valentine's Day coming up, we thought we'd dispense with the romantic love in favor of the awkward, the profane, and the traumatic. Three stories about learning how to love one another: Danny Lobell (Mostly Bull Market, This American Life) tells us about giving his parents a loving, if ill-conceived, anniversary gift; Rachel LeGault (OMFG!, WolfPop) tries her hand at internet dating as a 12 year old; and Victoria Sayeg (Refuel, Stay Gone) learns how to love and find peace after a devastating crime. 

Stranger Danger - Two Truths and a Lie Episode 13

You know, your parents might have been right about a couple of things - sometimes, strangers are not to be trusted. Juliette Goglia found out about that one with a 53 year old man from the internet. Roger Panameno found out with a couple of thugs on a dark street. And Melanie Maras found that out with a Good Samaritan who had some ulterior motives. 

Science! - Two Truths and a Lie Episode 12

Give your left brain a spin for once. Kelsey Vo Bailey lets her biggest fear get under her macro lens, and then under her skin. Angela Robertson finds she's not so cool when faced with a dead body. And Mat Kaplan comes face to face with Luke Skywalker himself. 

Kelsey Vo Bailey is a specimen photographer who works for the Natural History Museum’s Entomology Department. She also works on the department’s BioScan Project, the world’s largest urban biodiversity study. You can check out her macro shots of bugs and other tiny things at

Angela Robertson is a nurse and veteran who recently moved to Los Angeles from Ohio. 

Mat Kaplan hosts and produces Planetary Radio for the Planetary Society and his boss, Bill Nye the Science Guy.  The weekly half-hour about space exploration is aired by 140 public stations across North America and beyond, while the podcast is tops in iTunes, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and on the Society's own website at  Mat also hosts a series of live science events for KPCC called NEXT: People|Science|Tomorrow.

Happier Holidays - Two Truths and a Lie Episode 11

This Christmas, we're celebrating the other times of year. You know, when it's not miserably cold and the days are much longer. Kim Kalish inadvertently turns on 250 firemen on the biggest drinking holiday of the year. Alex M. Stein gets over his fear of Valentine's Day, but encounters something much worse. and Sam Fierstein finds himself in an uncomfortable situation, as Santa watches over him. 

Miserable Jobs - Two Truths and a Lie Episode 10

Remember that terrible job you had in college? How could you forget. These stories will at least help you commiserate. Allison Husko tells us about wearing knee-highs and being covered in beer. Corinne Derusha talks about the bullies that older ladies with knitting needles can be. And Cameron Johnson gives in to the temptation while working the cafeteria line. 

Family Folklore - Two Truths and a Lie Episode 9

Our families teach us everything we know, and what we learn from our parents becomes a part of our stories as well. The teach us to eat everything on our plate, no matter what, just like Trent Bruce's mom. They teach us that intimacy is ideally a private affair - and hopefully, it includes soundproofing, as Erin McGown found out. And they teach us that honesty is always the best policy, unless you're trying to get into Disneyland, as Taylor Mallory's family knows too well. Take a listen, and then thank your parents. 

Trent Bruce is a stand up comic who hosts the 3rd Thursday Comedy Night, as well as weekly Bingo at Angel City Brewery. 

Erin McGown is a writer and comedian who loves to tell stories everywhere that will let her. She has won and performed at the Moth Storytelling competition in Los Angeles many times, and will continue to tell stories until she runs out of them, which will be never. Upcoming performances are with her musical comedy duo at the Funny Women Fest at iO West on December 4th, and with her Bluegrass Band, The Dixieland Family Band, at UCB Sunset on December 12th and 19th.

Taylor Mallory is a writer and actress, currently working in the writers' room of the upcoming ABC Family series Shadowhunters, premiering January 12th. 

Audio Cocoa - Two Truths and a Lie Episode 8

Three uplifting stories to warm you up by the fire. Caron Clancey escapes from a will-they-won't-they RomCom. Joe Levi saves the farm in Fancy Dress. And Katy Dolle stops a bully, and starts a movement. 

Caron Clancey is a comedian and writer who works for College Humor. You can find more of her work at her website,

Joe Levi is the frontman of the band The Village Fate, and you can watch them play live at The Redwood in DTLA on November 7th. For more dates, you can find them on Facebook at The Village Fate.

Katy Dolle is an actress, comedian and filmmaker who you can find on twitter @KatyDolle, where you can find out all about her film projects and comedy shows. And whether or not she was actually a part of it, the Dance Free Movement is a real thing, and you can find out more about this powerful project at

Halloween Horror - Two Truths and a Lie Episode 7

'Tis the season for spooky, scary, sinister stories. Kieren van den Blink makes her debut when someone takes the phrase "Break a Leg" a bit too seriously. Alex Amerri gets rocked by a Ouija board in a closet, and Emily Goglia learns how to live with her phantasmagorical roommate. 

Kieren van den Blink is an award winning actress, columnist, and author, known for her role as Rogue in the animated series Wolverine & the X-Men. She's currently touring the country reading her children's book Sniff, the first of 5 in a series about the 5 senses. You can find out more about the books at

Alex Amerri is an award winning multi-disciplinary designer and artist he creates projects ranging from architecture to interior and graphic design. He’s also the founder of Ride Arc, which is a curated architectural and anthropoligical experience presented through bicycle rides. You can find out more at

Emily Goglia is an actor and singer based in New York. She’s currently performing in Rent at the La Mirada Theatre until November 15th - tickets can be found at

Losing it - Two Truths and a Lie Episode 6

The stories we gain when we lose something important. Jane Cohen talks about causing the loss of some art. Megan Kim loses her cool accoutrement during the Backdraft experience. And Jake Anderson achieves the impossible - destroys a Nokia cell phone.